Content abstract: this article mainly introduces the  Extra Large Modern Painting that evolved from realistic oil painting style to intuitive expression form, the theoretical and perceptual influence in the process, the visual effect of the picture, and the understanding of the visual world of Big Wall Art Online. Then the exploration of oil painting expression forms, promote the creation and development of oil painting into the inner world and the perfect combination of expression forms.


Key words: realism Large Modern Abstract Art,emotional expression, intuition representation, visual world

In the 21st century, as the main type of easel painting, oil painting and its creation have shown a prosperous development trend in China. From learning and studying the traditional techniques and styles of oil painting to understanding the visual rules and forms of expression of oil painting, painters gradually realize the rational and emotional aspects of oil painting, as well as its influence and impact. They have begun to engage in the language exploration of abstract, semi-abstract, experimental expression and behavioral art, and many more independent individual styles have gradually formed and established. Although the performance of  Large Abstract Canvas Art is no longer a hot issue in the development trend of world art, it is not meaningless to the Chinese art circles today. Because of the visual tradition with abstract meanings in traditional Chinese art forms, Chinese oil painters also have extensive creative space in utilizing suitable motif, image and symbol transformation. In addition to the influence of fashion culture, the publicity of personality, economic needs and social recognition, oil painting, which is based on rigorous realistic and purely objective performance in China, has begun to move towards intuitive and abstract expression. Of course, performance is only an external way, and it is more important to explore the deep meaning of its visual world.

The so-called visual world refers to the perception and stimulation presented by the screen, which includes a series of surface concepts such as shape, color, line, stroke, and texture, and the resulting depth, level, volume, texture, and hue., atmosphere, It also reflects the author's emotional factors, which are the fusion of his own experience, modeling ability, and performance skills. This belongs to the deep-seated content of the screen and can cause visual excitement and even ideological resonance. Realism refers to a "real" and "pure objective" painting method that is based on the "all-factor" sketch, and the "Impressionist" color is the expression method, which is closer to the "photo" effect; Intuitive expression can be said to be a form of modern oil painting expression, or it can be considered as a conscious and unconscious behavior of the painter in the process of creation. Here, there is no in-depth discussion of theory and techniques.This is just borrowing the general idea of this form.

1. Pure hand-painted Large Canvas Art. It is also divided into brush Large Abstract Wall Art painting, knife painting, knife-and-pen combination painting, which is a high-end Big Abstract Painting, but there are also cheap decorative paintings using propylene and pumice and other materials. If you use good oil paints, coupled with real artistic accomplishment of the painter, then there will be a real work of Large Abstract Paintings. There is also a kind of hand-painted pipeline painting, which can draw high-quality pure hand-painted oil paintings, just like a printing press, hand-printed, painted oil paintings uniform, more of them are imitation of famous products, they are commercial oil painting.


2. Use modern printing technology to spray, and then the painter then painted, or all hand-painted, or partially hand-painted, this is a typical commercial oil painting.

3. Machine printing, and then use the machine to add strokes, there is a very oil painting effect, can only Mongolian pedestrians, said that it is a famous painting product, is the product of the times -- to be cheap, only this way, very cheap, It's just the cost of the canvas.

Black and white abstract arts-Drawing the pattern of gebrac carpet painting is very important for goya's future artistic road.
This kind of design or painting draft does not need the kind of academic integrity that oil painting must have,Large Wall Art which enables the young goya to express his fantasy more frankly and
In addition, although the subject matter must be guided by mengus,Modern Canvas Art the subject matter prescribed for the gebramba carpet has folk characteristics and
is taken from contemporary life.
As a result, goya has an excellent opportunity to free up his imagination.
The pottery market, created in 1778 as the "pottery market" (figure 1), shows the main advantages of goya art quite clearly.
Clear of drawing performance, character and background of the perfect amalgamation, the composition of seemingly chaotic richness, for each added tender breath as if at random characters of flexible pen, make every woman like a lady
dignity, make each piece of pottery chardin's still life in the 18th century the common interest of the elegant style - all of which are created by Bradford goya,Large Abstract
Canvas Art although is not out of Europe, appoint lars katz, Venice and French extremely fine tradition.
However, in this painting, goya's unique and incomparable hand is already felt: there is confidence, determination and something unexpected in the picture.
Each character is vivid and moving, but also has its own.
Goya loved the people he described with tenderness, but not without a disdainful smile.
He created a fairy tale and incorporated it into the form of a poem.LARGE ABSTRACT PAINTING, MODERN WALL DECOR

After the death of Charles iii and the accession of Charles iv in 1789, goya became a court painter. Although goya held court office, his heart did not belong to the court.
Instead, he harboured the heart of a rebel, though goya himself did not realise it.
A sudden disaster opened his eyes to what was going on around him, roused in him a deadly courage, made him express his feelings with the utmost sincerity, and gave him real moral freedom.

The inquisition's goya became seriously ill in 1792 and lost his hearing.
Goya wrote in 1794: "my health remains the same.
Sometimes I can't control myself, so that I hate myself;
Sometimes I feel calmer.
But he lost something: optimism.
Speaking of deafness, goya belonged to himself to a greater extent because he was cut off from the world.
As a result, his art became more profound.
He wrote in 1794: "in order to occupy the imagination repressed by the spectacle of my suffering, and in order to partially offset the great expense of my illness, I set out to paint a series of pictures, chiefly of my observations,
which are often impossible in works of subscription, and which are impossible at all to imagine at all."
Among these paintings is a "inquisition" (figure 2).
Compare it to the pottery market (figure 1).
In front of us is a new kind of art;
If we can guess that this is the painter, we cannot but marvel at this change in his character.
His brisk strokes show a cheerful, trusting smile in "the pottery market" and a sneer of disappointment in "the inquisition".
Large, dark parts of the picture seemed to be filled with horrible visions.
The dark side in the distance, blankly absent.
In the midst of this unbroken mass of phantom-like forms moved a band of priests who were supposed to be judges only by demons;
They are full of intrigue and cruelty, deceit and stupidity.
Among them we see but one human being - the accused who has bowed his head under the weight of the absurd hatter and who has had to submit to fate.
In the performance of all these feelings, painting not only USES its own means to create a mixture of light and shadow, to create the sudden appearance of lightning-fast light in the dim dim, but also to create the complete separation of
visible form and spiritual form (whether man or ghost is the same after all) from all forms.
Thus we see not only the moral beauty, which is not dependent upon the physical beauty of the principal accused, but also the brutish beauty of the grimly smiling monk, and of the bossy monk, and of the bossy monk, and of the demented
figure in the audience.

Black and white abstract arts

Abstract painting is aimed at painting works with concrete content.
Abstract painting emphasizes the composition of pure painting language, such as point,Great Big Canvas line, surface, color, brush stroke and texture of the picture, and has metaphor and connotation that can only be expressed by meaning.
It is the spiritual dialogue and emotional communication between the author and the viewer,Big Canvas Art as well as the embodiment of the author's wisdom.

The production and aesthetic process of abstract works are serious.
What looks like a "farce" is a process of extreme composition and very traditional technical rules.
It pays attention to the ingenious and novel conception, strives for the visual balance of symbolized form and color in the picture, pays attention to the contrast, echo and internal integrity of the shape, emphasizes the rhythm and rhythm of the picture, and explores the rich connotation of form,Large Canvas Art  color, line and texture.

Abstract painting and production, in addition to oil paint, paint, paint and other pigments.
Physical collages are often attached for a sense of touch.

Kandinsky, one of the pioneers of abstract art, was the founder of the emotion-abstraction school.
He advocated color, line and shape as the main means of expressing thoughts and evoking emotions, and denied the objective image and concrete content of painting.
But in works such as his little pleasures, colors and lines actually express and obey a high-energy, apocalyptic image.
The master of the "abstract" and "unconscious" school, miro, has not completely abandoned the image associated with the object, such as the figure in "man throws a stone", which is "a twisted creature with one eye and one foot".
Mondrian, the great advocate of geometrical abstract painting, restricted the painting language to the most basic lines, right angles, three primary colors, as well as black, white and grey, completely abandoned the form and content of objective objects, thus presenting a pure abstraction.

The means of abstract painting are unlimited, and artists can make full use of and innovate.
Pollock discarded the traditional painting tools, the paint drop, sprinkling, even to the spread of the canvas on the ground, the introduction of a revolutionary painting technique - "drip flow".
Matisse's "snail" USES colored paper collages directly.
Mr Loesenberg is even more avaricious in his tradition of using tact, taunting and sarcasm to assemble "paintings" of roulette, cloth sacks and electric light installations