We love the local flavor and historical accumulation of the city. We also like to use bricks as a bold background for complex art. If you think you can’t hang photos and decorations on brick walls, you can enjoy it! Here’s how to install all the photos, posters and shelves that your heart longs for – with or without these magnificent clay blocks.

Hang on bricks without drills
Do you want to hang things on bricks without drilling? Whether you’re renting a house or you just don’t like to drill a hole in brick to hang a hanger, that doesn’t mean you have to drill a hole in a brick. You have many useful options that are very easy to install.
Brick Clamps
When it comes to installing hooks on bricks, it’s hardly easier than using clips. The clamp hardware is designed to hold a single brick. Running along the top is the sharp teeth, wedged into the mortar between the top of the brick, and the fork at the bottom stabilizes the hook against the bottom of the brick. There is a hook in front of each clip to hang your work.

These clips weigh only a few pounds, so keep them in the lightest and most ventilated frames.

If the brick clamp sounds like a good solution, all you need to do is measure the height of the brick, where you want to hang your artwork. Then, go to the hardware store and select a highly matched fixture. In a few minutes, these things were clipped to the wall.

Who doesn’t like instantaneous satisfaction?
Adhesive hook
Do you want to rearrange your work regularly, or do you want to use a non-destructive hanging option? Have you painted bricks, too? Decorative hooks are installed in a plane of about two seconds. If you buy extra tape, you can reuse them as many times as you need.

Just tear the protective sticker off the back and press the hook on the wall. Wait a few seconds there. Look! You can hang the light frame freely. Keep in mind that this adhesive can only be used on bricks with smoother paint.
Hanging on Brick With A Drill
Are you hanging anything heavy, like a TV, an antique cabinet, or a big canvas art? You need some extra stability, just drill into the bricks. Boreholes allow you to install wall anchors, which are good for keeping heavy suspensions safe. This option does create holes in bricks, so remember when you’re looking for a hanging place.

Follow the following steps to hang the painting on the bricks by drilling holes:

First, mark the place where you want to hang the hanger on the wall with chalk.

Next, pay attention to the length of the wall anchor. Connect the masonry bit to the electric drill and drill a depth matching the length of the wall anchor on the chalk note number. This is your guide hole.

Finally, the wall anchor is inserted into the guide hole and a painting hanger installed safely is screwed into the anchor. Don’t screw in all the way, leave some prominent place so that you can hang things on it.

If you hang something heavy, use two or three hooks of your choice to distribute the weight evenly on the wire of the shelf and ensure the safety of the item. With the right supplies and an hour or two of free time, you can create a beautiful new gallery wall art- and improve your DIY installation skills in the process!

If you’ve always wanted to decorate your brick walls with canvas wall art, you’re not sure how best to explore your style right now. Create a custom abstract canvas painting with a smooth black frame, or show your unique mirror series on the rich architectural details of bricks. With your new installation technology, it will be easy to hang up and display all these beautiful abstract artworks.